Johncolins Band
We play the music you love - but other bands don't play. Pop, Rocked.
The John Colins Band (or JCB as we are becoming known throughout the Cheshire and North West music circuit) are a good time, band playing classic dance tunes.
We make music that should get you singing, dancing and having a great time. 
We rock up covers from the 60's to now.
From the Rolling Stones to Pink, Radiohead to R.E.M we cover a vast genre of songs. The common feature - you will rarely hear a local gigging band playing them.
The John Colins Band was formed when frontman Colin and guitarist John decided they were bored playing the same old tunes that other bands play so picked out some good old down to earth dancing tunes.
With Jonny T on Drums, Stephen T on Bass and Stephen W as third guitarist it means that Colin can come onto the dancefloor and help you have a great time interacting with the music.
Since then, there has been a few lineup changes. After the depature of Steve T, there have been one or two alterations... one being the departure of original member John F. On the plus side, we have welcomed the rather awesome JK as purveyor of bass and vocals.
John has a long background in music and is just a little bit knowledgable on the building of guitars... I feel he may have a little work coming his way... hem hem.
After 15 months and 60 gigs, John's time is required elswhere. He's had a blast and he hasn't hung his bass up yet, The JCB will miss him and we all wish him well in any new venture he embarks upon.
This of course leaves us with a space... enter the new purveyor of bass, the rather awesome Alex F. He's hit the gound running with some great gigs under his belt already whilst covering for John. So this is where we are now.

Some more news has happened since last we spoke. Mr F has left us in search of fame and fortune doing original material with the young, fired up 'Oceans On Mars' These guys are well worth looking out for.

So once again, here we are with a bass space... Here's the big news... This position has been filled by the one and only Nigel Kurtis Blonde from The Broadcasters. The Broadcasters are on a hiatus at the moment which meant NKB was at a loose end. So he has traded down for a while from Axe Spankin' Madman to Fat Wires Madman. We love him...

Fast forward several months, Mr NKB is back on The Broadcasters trail and we have a new man providing the JCB's rumbling tones... enter non other than the leg end Mr Paul N.

Paul has decided his break in the musicless wilderness must end and he's joined the team for some major laughs of The JCB variety.

We hope you'll join us in making him feel welcome


Only one thing remains to be said
Come down and see us - you will enjoy it.
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